Startup Valley Adventure - Episode 1

Fuck the metrics, drunk with investors!

You are broke, have an alcoholic friend Larry, an angry ex, an absent investor, SVC and 8 days not to die. And this only the first episode, and further – the fun (worse). Believe us, We know firsthand.

– Realistic plot with a bit of insanity (not a bit actually)
– Touching upon relevant topics that may offend all those who like to be offended
– Parodies and references to everything that’s possible
– Variability in the spirit of the best games about walkings
– You can choose the gender, orientation, start-up, the ex, investors, etc.
– A bunch of extra game mechanics and mini-games
– Own mini-social network (why?)
– Survival mode where you have to control your hunger and stress levels
– Strange visual style
– Main character customization, which you will never see, but it can affect the gameplay
– Withdrawal of money for taxi trips
– Homeless man Bum, member of the Board of Directors of McCDS, the robot-Sofic, naked Amy and more




A tough divorce, getting fired from a job … Why not make your life harder? Take on the role of a novice startup in Silicon Valley.

The Game.

SVA – Episode 1 is a black Comedy, where you have to take on the role of K C Morris – a loser who has to run his project called Roundelay.
Strictly 18+.

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