Fuck the metrics, drunk with investors!


You are broke, have an alcoholic friend Larry, an angry ex, an absent investor, SVC and 8 days not to die. And this only the first episode, and further – the fun (worse). Believe us, We know firsthand.

– Realistic plot with a bit of insanity (not a bit actually)
– Touching upon relevant topics that may offend all those who like to be offended
– Parodies and references to everything that’s possible
– Variability in the spirit of the best games about walkings
– You can choose the gender, orientation, start-up, the ex, investors, etc.
– A bunch of extra game mechanics and mini-games
– Own mini-social network (why?)
– Survival mode where you have to control your hunger and stress levels
– Strange visual style
– Main character customization, which you will never see, but it can affect the gameplay
– Withdrawal of money for taxi trips
– Homeless man Bum, member of the Board of Directors of McCDS, the robot-Sofic, naked Amy and more



You will take on the role of a young businessman, that dream about startup and success.


  • 3D Adventure in realistic environment
  • Mini games
  • Various ways of story


Recording checked in Bandicam, Fraps, Xsplit Broadcaster, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Dxtory and with Avermedia card.

SVA Teaser


About Team

Almost 6 years ago, a small company which was called GD Forge went out into the world. Several people who wanted to make their dreams come true started their journey in making games. But they needed funds to create them, so they decided to develop games for customers to earn money.

Gradually, the team was growing: first 10 people, then 20, 30, then 50. One day we got closer to the dream – we created an internal unit in which we were working on these very games that we always dreamed of. We released Protocol. Then hard end of 2018 back us to 18 people. And last 2 years we create with that team. Second project Loco Parentis were released autumn 2019. Third project of studio – Startup adventure valley

We are Fair Game – we are tired of games in which there isn’t any plot, and they are built in such a way as to get as much money out of you as they can while you’re playing.

Our aim is different – we want to create games that are made for players and about players, immerse them in stunning stories, give them a new experience.


Contacts and links


Nelli Goraus – Fair Games CEO & CMO