No rest for the wicked until their eyes are open. At least one.

Perhaps you did something terrible in your past life and now you are here – in this endless desert  where your ultimate goal is to live as long as possible.

You’ll see RPG the other way round: choose diseases instead of skills. You should think what would be better: to be blind in one eye or to suffer from narcolepsy. In the end, if you are lucky, you’ll achieve the highest level – a calm and peaceful death.



RPG the other way round

You have all chances to survive until you get one of the many diseases of your burden. What would you choose: sleepwalking or hallucination?


Try to set up your home avoiding all the dangers of the world where each inhabitant is willing to eat or rob you.

Adventures are looking for you

Game events will occur when you least expect it, extraordinary situations and black humor, what else do you need for adventures?

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