Yes! You can play Protocol on PC without VR Headset. 

Yes! You can play Protocol in VR (Vive).

Short Description

By signing below, you agree to follow the Protocol.*
* Protocol is a program of strict rules with a maximum level of security and control, to establish the first contact with an alien life form that was wrecked in the Arctic Circle region


You were chosen to execute the Protocol program. Your goal is to establish the first contact with the alien life form.

You have to perform a number of tasks under the control of artificial intelligence, on the territory of the research center, built around the wrecked alien ship. Any violation of the rules will lead to the elimination of you and the whole operation.
Remember, the fate of humanity could depend on your actions.
After you have agreed, the “Protocol” comes into force.
Have A Nice Day.

P.S. Protocol – It’s a first person action-adventure game, where you have to solve complex problems exposed by the artificial intelligence of the complex and at the same time conduct your own investigation.
Welcome to the Complex: dive into a tense, moving plot, actions of which take place in the secret complex somewhere in the Arctic circle.
VR+PC: You can play in VR and on PC, using familiar WASD + mouse look mode.
Secrets and mysteries of the complex: explore and find out all the plot twists. What would you choose: Follow the Protocol? Or go against the system? It’s up to you.



You will become a volunteer in the special operation far beyond the Arctic Circle, where you need to find out what happened in the complex that was built around the wrecked UFO.
After that, you will have to cut up an alien’s corpse, conduct interrogations, visit the spaceship, connect your brain to an extraterrestrial device, go crazy, fight a mega boss in the spirit of the classic games of the 90s, reveal all the secrets of the Terminus complex and survive.


  • The plot is filled with secrets and conspiracy, insanity and fun, hardcore and seriousness.
  • Hardcore-teasing gameplay, when simple and logical things may be fatal due to the stupidity of the player.
  • A variety of puzzles: from complex and twisted, to intuitive and obviously fun.
  • Walkthrough of the game is available both on PC (without VR Headset) and in VR (HTC Vive).


Recording checked in Bandicam, Fraps, Xsplit Broadcaster, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Dxtory and with Avermedia card.

Protocol – Official Trailer 2018 (18+)

Протокол – Русский трейлер 2018 (18+)

Protocol PC/VR Gameplay





About Team

Three years ago, a small company which was called GD Forge went out into the world. Several people who wanted to make their dreams come true started their journey in making games. But they needed funds to create them, so they decided to develop games for customers to earn money.

Gradually, the team was growing: first 10 people, then 20, 30, and now it’s 50. There were many well-known clients both Russian and worldwide. And one day we got closer to the dream – we created an internal unit in which we were working on these very games that we always dreamed of.

We called it Fair Games. Why fair? Because we are tired of games in which there isn’t any plot, and they are built in such a way as to get as much money out of you as they can while you’re playing.

Our aim is different – we want to create games that are made for players and about players, immerse them in stunning stories, give them a new experience.


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Vadim – CMO Fair Games

Yes! You can play Protocol on PC without VR Headset. 

Yes! You can play Protocol in VR (Vive).